Get Ready With Me: The Jungle Book!


On Saturday I went with my sister and a friend to see Disney’s new adaptation of Rudyard Kipling’s book, The Jungle Book. Last week I reread the book in preparation for seeing the movie. Yes, I’m the kind of person who won’t watch a movie until I’ve read the book first haha. The movie was incredible, I’ve been super excited about it and it totally lived up to my expectations. It is definitely a must-see. Now, on to how I got ready.




For my base I used the Rimmel matte BB cream in light/medium. I like, but it’s not my favorite, I’ll talk about what I’ve been really liking in next Monday’s post. I applied it with the Real Techniques Miracle Complexion Sponge. I set the BB cream with the Rimmel Stay Matte powder using the Eco Tools powder brush. The BB cream is available here, the sponge here, the powder *here, and the brush *here.


I lightly contoured with the L’Oreal True Match powder in cocoa using the E.L.F. small stipple brush, blended it out with the Physicians Formula Butter Bronzer and the same fluffy powder brush that I used with my powder, and highlighted with the Wet’n’Wild Color Icon bronzer in Reserve Your Cabana. The True Match powder is available *here, the bronzer here, the highlighter *here, and the stipple brush here.


I used the Maybelline Great Lash masacara on my brows, curled my lashes, and applied one coat of the Maybelling Define-A-Lash mascara. The Great Lash is available *here, and the Define-A-Lash *here.


I used the NYX Butter Gloss in Angel Food Cake on my lips. It is available *here.

I was going to straighten my hair for this, but I taught swim lessons this morning and my hair didn’t dry in time so I just left it natural.



I wore some denim-look leggings, a light blue long sleeve Tshirt, and some athletic shoes with a navy blue baseball cap. Also, three cheers for spring in Colorado where we can have leaves starting to grow on the trees, and two inches of snow on the ground at the same time.


Have you seen The Jungle Book? What did you think?

Have a great day!


Unless I let you know otherwise, my posts aren’t sponsored by any of the companies whose products I mention. I won’t accept sponsorships from companies whose products I don’t use all the time and think are really great; you know I’m classier than that;). However, links marked with an * are affiliate links. Should you click on the links and make a purchase, I’ll go add to my growing stash of tea, or pay the fines on that library book that I couldn’t put down for a month.

St. Ives Facial Scrub Deal!


I’m just popping in to share a deal on St. Ives facial scrubs. The scrubs are $3.89 at Target. Buy two and use the coupon on the Target Cartwheel app to get 5% off and pay $7.39. When you get home, use the Ibotta app and get $3 back, making the scrubs $2.19 each! And don’t forget to snap a picture of your receipt on Receipt Hog. I really like the apricot scrub, and I like to combine these scrubs with a fun body wash and loofa to make a cute spa gift.



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30 Subscribers Giveaway!

Huzzah! Amaizylife has officially reached 30 subbies! That might not seem like a lot, but I still want to celebrate. So to thank all of you wonderful people who helped make this happen, I am doing a giveaway. One lucky person will receive this adorable clutch from Sseko Designs, one of my favorite ethical brands, and it will be filled with some of my favorite goodies!

Giveaway clutch

To enter all you need to do is:

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The giveaway will close on Tuesday, April 26, 2016 and the winner will be announced in that Friday’s blog post.

Good Luck!


Review: Fresh Soy Face Cleanser + How I Save Money on Beauty Products!



Today I have a review of a facial cleanser that I have been using recently.  It’s the Fresh Soy Face Cleanser. It is available at Sephora for $15 for 1.7oz and $38 for 5.1oz. It is on Sephora’s website here. Sephora’s website says that it “instantly whisks away everyday impurities and makeup-even mascara-without stripping the skin of essential moisture.” It is formulated without parabens, sulfates, and phathalates.

The cleanser has a really nice, fresh, cucumber smell. It removes makeup pretty well but my skin feels the most clean when I remove my makeup first and then let the cleanser really clean my skin. The consistency is kind of milky, it foams a little bit but not very much. I would give this cleanser 5 stars out of 5.

The only downside to this cleanser is the price. The cost is quite a bit more than I would like to spend on skincare. One way that I have found to buy high-end skincare and makeup products without spending a huge amount of money is Swagbucks. Swagbucks is a site that allows you to earn points, called swagbucks, by doing searches, watching videos, and completing tasks, that you can then redeem for gift cards. Swagbucks also has a rebate program that lets you earn swagbucks by shopping at your favorite stores online. When I have a skin care or makeup product that I want to buy, I wait until I have enough swagbucks to redeem for gift cards in the amount I need and then I shop through Swagbucks’ rebate program and earn even more swagbucks. By doing this, I can get expensive beauty products for a few to zero dollars out of pocket and get a rebate that is usually worth about a dollar. I really reccomend that you try Swagbucks out. If you do, I would love it if you would use my referral like here*.

Have you tried this cleanser? What is your trick for saving money on beauty products?

Have a great day!


3 Healthy Lunch Ideas (That are easy to take to school/work!)



Today I am sharing with you my top three lunches. All three are super healthy and simple to make. There is one meat option, one vegan option, and one that would be easy to make either way based on your preference.

Lunch #1 Hummus


I really like Sabra hummus. It tastes good and there are a lot of flavors. My favorite way to eat hummus is with carrots but its not very filling so I also pack some pita chips to eat with it too. You can buy the individual packs of hummus or a big tub and portion them out.

Lunch #2 Barbecue Chicken Salad


This is one of the tastiest salads I have ever eaten. I like to prep the chicken on Saturday or Sunday so that it is easy to throw together on the days that I want it. I cook a few chicken breasts or tenders in the oven with some barbecue sauce (my favorite is the Stubb’s Spicy) until they are just done and not dry. Then I cut them up into bite-size pieces and they are easy to throw onto a salad. For the salad I mix romaine and spinach or whatever my family has on hand with some carrots, coleslaw mix, and whatever other veggies are in the fridge. I top it with the chicken and then drizzle some barbecue sauce and ranch dressing over everything.


Lunch #3 Chicken Salad Sandwich


Chicken salad is so tasy. You can find a recipe just about anywhere. My favorite has craisins and granny smith apples in it. I like to eat it with crackers or tortilla chips, or on a sandwich. I prefer to toast my bread for this so when I pack this lunch I keep the bread and the chicken salad separate until I am ready to eat. Sometimes I like to add some romaine lettuce to add crunch.

I hope you found some inspiration for your own lunches from these ideas!

Have a great day!



Redeeming Consumerism: How Consumer Culture Supports Slavery


Today’s post is going to be a little bit different, I have decided to start a series on how we as consumers can be more socially responsible with our purchases and use our money in a way that makes the world a better place. A consumer’s most powerful tool for influencing the world is his or her money. How and where we spend our hard earned dollars can have a bigger impact than we know, and many people don’t know how often their dollars are doing more harm than good by enslaving other human beings. There are currently 40 million slaves in the world. That is more than at any other time in human history. They are in every industry, some more than others and many times consumers have no idea that their products were made by slaves, or someone equally trapped and mistreated in their job. On the first Saturday of each month, I will be highlighting a company that provides good quality and socially responsible products that do not employ slaves and are working to empower vulnerable people throughout the world, or I will be sharing information about popular brands and how they are responding, or not responding to the issue of slavery in the production of their own products. First, I want to give you an overview of how consumer culture is supporting modern-day slavery and what you can do about it.

Human trafficking is defined by the UN as an “act of recruitment, movement, harboring, or receipt of a person, by means of force, fraud, or coercion, for the purpose of exploitation.” The Slavery convention of 1926 loosely defined slavery as “the status of condition of a person over whom any or all of the powers attaching to the right of ownership are exercised.” The International Labor Organization, during their 1930 convention defined forced labor as “work or service which is exacted from any person under the menace of any penalty and for which the said person has not offered himself voluntarily.” Slavery in the context in which most people think is known as chattel slavery. It is a situation in which every right and freedom of a person is governed by someone else, his right to choose his work and be paid for it, her right to decide where to live and to leave if she wishes, his right to marry and have children. All of these things are in the power of an owner who is also authorized to sell him or her. Modern-day slavery takes many more forms. It includes chattel slavery, as well as debt bondage, and any forced labor that includes some part of chattel slavery.


Debt bondage exists all over the world, in South/Central America, Africa, and Southeast Asia. Debtors are usually illiterate and hold a lower social status and their creditors are generally wealthy and educated which makes it easier for debtors to be taken advantage of. Many people are entrapped in debt bondage when they take out a loan for a wedding, funeral, or just to feed their family in a time of crisis and are unable to pay it back. In some countries, the interest charged makes the debt exponentially higher. In other countries the creditors keep their debtors enslaved by paying them too little for their work and then offering more loans so the debtor’s family can survive.  Brazil is a country where debt bondage is extremely common. Many people are employed in this way on ranches and farms that produce rubber, sugar, chocolate, and coffee. All of these are products that people in developed countries make use of, often in ignorance of their source. Many popular companies unscrupulously use slave-produced materials in their products; others simply don’t trace their ingredients and materials to their source.  You don’t have to swear off coffee or chocolate, there are many companies that make products with ethically grown and harvested ingredients.The fair trade label is the easiest way to recognize them but don’t just stop there, read the packages and you’ll find more ethical chocolate and coffee than you think.


While slavery and forced labor according to their definitions earlier in this post are not widely present, the textile industry is full of workers who are trapped in their jobs. Workers fill sweatshops, work long hours, and are paid so little that they can’t save the money to relocate and find other jobs. Vietnam, Indonesia, Central America, and other impoverished areas are full of sweatshops producing clothing, shoes, and accessories for popular American brands. Many of these people are trafficked from other countries after being promised well-paid jobs that will help them support their families. They arrive to find that their immigration papers are being withheld by their employers and their only option for work is hazardous, low paid labor in sweatshops. Millions of people in America and Europe buy clothing and other merchandise form popular clothing brands and are totally ignorant of the conditions in which the people live who made their clothing. There are many companies that are started with the purpose of ensuring a fair wage and safe working conditions for their employees and many popular brands are becoming more aware of the issues related to production in other countries. It doesn’t take much searching on a website to find out their basic policies and if you can’t find something out email the company and ask them.

I am excited to explore this and share what I find with you. I hope you will come along for the ride.

Have a great day!


I found my sources of JSTOR and my information is from “Exploitation Creep and the Unmaking of Human Trafficking Law” by Janie A. Chuang, published in The American Journal of International Law volume 108, issue 4 in 2014, and “Contemporary Forms of Slavery” by Suzanne Miers published in the Canadian Journal of African Studies/Revue Candienne de Etudes Africaines volume 34 issue 3 in 2000.

My Hair Care Routine + Hair Care Tips for Swimmers



A couple of weeks ago, I shared how I take care of my skin while I’m swimming and today I’m going to tell you how I take care of my hair. First, though, I have three general tips for minimizing chlorine damage to your hair.

tip 1. Use coconut oil, conditioner, or a special chlorine protection leave-in conditioner in your hair before you swim.

tip 2. Wear a swim cap, or put your hair in a braid or bun to protect it and keep it from getting snagged on anything.

tip 3. Avoid heat like the plague. If your already damaging your hair with chlorine, you don’t want to add more damage. If you do use heat, use a really good heat protectant.

Now on to my routine.


Right before and after I swim I spray my hair with this leave in conditioner by Ion. It claims to protect hair from chlorine damage and prevent swimmers green. I buy it at Sally Beauty Supply here.


My current favorite shampoo and conditioner is from Shea Moisture and its the Zanzibar Marine Complex. I use the shampoo mostly on my roots. I concentrate the conditioner on the ends of my hair where it gets the most dry. Once I have the conditioner in my hair I comb through with my wide tooth comb and tie my hair up in a bun while I do other stuff; the last thing I do in the shower is rinse the conditioner out of my hair. Shea Moisture is sold at most stores that sell shampoo and conditioner. I got mine at Target but I didn’t find it on their website. It is on Ulta’s website here, and here.


Once a week I like to do a hair mask. I’ve tried coconut oil and it is really effective at moisturizing my hair, the problem is that it doesn’t wash out for several days so I’m walking around with greasy looking hair. If you have dry, coarse hair,  I would definitely recommend using it, it just doesn’t work for me. I do like to use this Shea Moisture weightless hair mask. It smells amazing, and works really well. After I shampoo my hair, I smear about 1 teaspoon of  the conditioner through one inch sections of my hair, comb through with a wide tooth comb to make sure that it is evenly distributed and then tie it up in a bun, leave it for 20-30 minutes and rinse it out. I bought this mask at Ulta here.


After I get out of the shower and brush out my hair I put about a blueberry sized pump of the Garnier Fructis Sleek and Shine serum. I buy mine at Target here.


I practically never use heat on my hair because its just not worth it to do the damage to my hair and I know the style won’t last more than one day because I’ll be in the pool. When I do use heat I like to use the Garnier Fructis Brazillian Smooth Flatiron Express for straightening and the Tresemme Thermal Creations heat protectant spray. You can find the Garnier here, and the Tresemme here.


When I do go more than one day without washing my hair, or when I just want some extra volume in my roots, I use the Not Your Mother’s dry shampoo. It does the job but I think I’m going to try out a different one once this is used up. If anyone has a recommendation please leave it in the comments:). You can buy this one here.

I hope this was helpful for someone!

Have a great day!




Ulta and Target Haul


Hello everyone!

I picked up a few things from Ulta, Target, and MadeOn last week and now I’m sharing them with you.


Confession time, the moisturizer I talked about from MadeOn in this post was actually my mom’s. I finally went to their webiste and bought my own and it arrived a few days ago. I also bought my favorite lip balm that is made by them. It moisturizes my lips so well and other lip products work really well on top of it. You can get both of them *here.

My second stop was Target.


I bought two of Burt’s Bees new lipstick line in the shades Fuschia Flood and Blush Basin. They are not crazy pigmented but they last a really long time and are very moisturizing.

Here are some swatches.


There is currently a *swagbucks coupon available for these lipsticks.



I decided to try out the Revlon Colorstay foundation. I bought the shade 150 Buff and so far it seems like a good color match. You can find it here.


I also bought another Rimmel Stay Matte translucent powder because I recently hit pan on my current one. You can find it here.

My last stop was at Ulta. This was my first time in Ulta and it was kind of overwhelming! I bought some things that I’ve been wanting to try out and some things that I’ve been running low on and wanted to get a new one of.


Daily chlorine exposure has wreaked havoc on my hair and I’ve been on the hunt for a deep conditioner that will moisturize without weighing my hair down or making it greasy. This mask smells amazing, like coconut and strawberries. One use in it seems to work pretty well.You can find it here. The price I paid in store was lower than the one listed online so if you buy it I would recommend checking your brick and mortar store first.


I’ve been using the e.l.f. BB cream and it turns my face into a greasy mess so I have been trying to use it up while looking for another one that will work better. I wish that I could have bought a lighter shade but they were out of stock and this one is a decent match. It’s on Ulta’s website here.


I wear a lot of pink lipstick so I picked up a lipliner to wear underneath them. This one is from Rimmel in the shade Indian Pink. It looks really nice under the fuschia Burt’s Bees lip stick. Here is what it looks like on my skin.


You can find it here.


This last purchase was purely for fun. I’ve been wanting to try out a makeup sponge and didn’t want to spend the money for a Beauty Blender. I don’t wear foundation every day so I haven’t tried it out yet but when I do I’ll post my impressions. You can find it here.

If you decide to buy any of these visit my how to save $$ page for sites and apps to get rebates.

*denotes a referral or affiliate link

Have a great day!




Fashion Friday: Cat Sweaters and Boot Cuffs


Hello everyone!

I have another fashion friday post for y’all. Another sweater with skinny jeans, so creative, I know. I promise I’ll have something totally different next time.


This sweater is one of my favorite pieces in my closet. After all, every crazy cat lady needs a cute cat sweater. I got it from my sister, another crazy cat lady. Sisters’ closets are the best places to shop am I right?


My boot cuffs are from the Refugee Project located in Houston, TX. The Refugee Project is an organization that helps to provide jobs, education, and support for women and families who have been relocated by the United Nations. I really love the work that they do and they have some adorable stuff in their online store. You should go check it out here. Their website is here.

Now for some more pictures.





Sunglasses: Loft

Sweater: My sister but before that Forever 21

Jeans: Aeropostale

Boots: Wet Seal

Boot Cuffs: The Refugee Project

Photo creds go to my mom at by quiet waters.

Have a great day!


My Skin Care Routine + Skin Care Tips for Swimers


Hello Everyone!

Today I want to talk about skin care. I have been swimming for several years. I’m not on a team but I still swim almost every day and recently I started teaching swim lessons for my local YMCA. All of those years in the chlorine have taught me a few things about keeping my skin healthy.

First, I have a few general tips and then we’ll get to my actual routine.

Tip 1. DRINK WATER! Lots of it. All the time. Dehydration will only make your skin more dry. I try to drink my body weight in ounces of water every day but I think the rule is like eight cups. Have a full water bottle with you all the time and drink from it often. If you’re thirsty, you’re already dehydrated so don’t wait until then. It’s also really good for your body to drink a cup of water as soon as you get up. It activates your internal organs and gets your body ready for healthy digestion during the day.

Tip 2. Rinse the chlorine off as soon as you get out of the pool. The sooner you get it off your skin the better. I don’t like to shower at the pool but I still take a quick one to rinse off and then take my real shower when I get home. And don’t wait too long once you get home to shower and really wash off every bit of chlorine.

Tip 3. Eat healthy. Overall health will help your skin be healthy too. Fruits and veggies will also help with keeping you hydrated.

Now to my routine. I usually swim in the evening so I do most of my skin care in then.


Whether I swim that night or not, I like to take my makeup off with a wipe before I use a cleanser. If I do swim I like to take my makeup off first, no one wants to have mascara running down their face while their in the water. Right now I’m using Neutrogena’s makeup remover wipes. You can find them here.


After I get out of the pool I like to cleanse my face. I also cleanse every morning. Right now I’m using the Positively Radiant cleanser by Aveeno. You can find it here. It’s inexpensive and it gets the job done but I think when I’ve used it up I’m going to try the Fresh Soy Face Cleanser. You can find the Fresh cleanser here.


When my skin gets really dry it gets flaky so I exfoliate at least three times a week. I like to use this homemade scrub that is really effective and also moisturizes. The recipe is 1 cup brown sugar, one half cup of olive oil, and no more than one eighth teaspoon of cinnamon. I use the cinnamon to help with acne but if you have sensitive skin I would skip it because it can irritate your skin.


While I’m in the shower I like to wash the chlorine off of the rest of my skin. I really like the Bath and Body Works Be Enchanted body wash. You can find it here.

I moisturize my face with pure coconut oil at night. It’s really intensely moisturizing but it makes your face look shiny and oily until it soaks in and that takes a while. In the mornings I like to use something that I can put makeup over fairly quickly. I really like the MadeOn Simply Shea facial emollient. The only ingredients are shea butter and rosehip seed oil. You can find it here.


On my body I use lotion by Aveeno. You can find it here. I also like the MadeOn Beesilk hard lotion for my feet and my legs right after I shave. You can find that here.

And that completes my skin care routine! What is yours?

Have a great day!