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Vanilla Macaron Recipe

I found this delicious recipe from Sprinkles for Breakfast for Vanilla Almond Macarons. I didn’t have almond extract, or vanilla beans so I modified the filling and just made vanilla macarons. I also rearranged the steps according to how I actually did it. This is quite possibly my favorite cookie to make. Ingredients: Shells: 1 1/2  cup of powdered sugar 1 cup…

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Strawberry Rhubarb Crisp

Hello! The strawberry patch in my family’s garden has been going CRAZY! Everyday we could go out and pick more than we could possibly eat that day. We have been eating strawberries, putting them in smoothies, and baking with them like crazy. Today I froze as many as I could pick so that we can use them for smoothies and…

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Strawberry-Spearmint Lemonade Recipe

Hello! I made this lemonade a few days ago using only ingredients that I had in my kitchen and my garden. I made one gallon but you can change the amounts of the ingredients to taste and to increase/decrease the amount you make. You will need: A pitcher with a lid (I used a half gallon canning jar because it…

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