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DIY Floral Applique Skirt

I love love love the floral embroidery trend. Skirts, jeans, jackets, it’s all super cute. The best part about the trend is that it is a super easy way to upcycle something you already have in your closet. I recently upcycled a pair of jeans using *these appliques so I’ve decided to show you the process on a skirt I’ve been wanting to change up.

For this project you will need:

  • Floral appliques or patches I used *these ones
  • Needle and thread to match your appliques
  • scissors
  • Sewing pins
  • *Fabric glue would also be useful. I didn’t have any when I did this project but I would recommend it.


Step 1. Gather and prep your supplies

The floral appliques I bought come in a pack of two but I cut them apart so I had four.


Step 2. Lay the appliques out and make sure you like how it looks.

Play around with this, look up inspiration pictures and make sure you really love it.


Step 3. Pin (and/or glue) everything down.

Once you have everything how you want it, make sure it won’t move around using pins or fabric glue.


Step 4. Sew it all onto the skirt.

Depending on the type of appliques you might be able to use a sewing machine or you might just opt to use permanent fabric glue. Personally, I trust needle and thread more than glue so I sewed mine down. Unfortunately, I couldn’t use my machine on the applique I chose. If you end up in the same boat as me, I recommend spreading this out, and watching a movie because it is a long, tedious, process to make sure you have it stitched down in enough spots to make sure it won’t gape or move around.

What do you think of the floral applique trend? Are you going to try this DIY? Tell me in the comments!


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