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Fall Internship Outfit Inspo

A major focus of college is finding internships and eventually jobs. For many people, this is the first time that they’ve needed to dress for a professional setting on a regular basis. It definitely was for me. Thankfully, my internship has a lot of flexibility in the dress code but there has still been a bit of a learning curve for this girl who pretty much lives in denim. I’ve added a couple of pieces to my wardrobe and learned how to wear my existing pieces differently and it’s actually been a fun experience! This look is one that I can’t wait to break out when we get farther into autumn and I’m also linking some other looks that have inspired me and hopefully will be inspiration for you as well!



Unfortunately for my ability to link where I got all of my pieces, everything in this outfit is from Poshmark and sold out from the original seller. I do however, have two more outfits that are super easy to recreate and that I can’t wait to use as inspiration for my internship looks this fall!

This look is a bit more casual but is the perfect transition outfit for early fall!

Who says you can’t wear white after Labor Day? This sweater and skirt combo is adorable.


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