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Compassion El Salvador 2018 CHILD VISIT DAY!!

Y’all I’m finally talking about the reason why I even went to El Salvador in the first place. It’s about time amiright? If you’ve missed my previous posts you can find my the first post here and the second post here.

The last full day in El Salvador was child visit day and it was absolutely one of the most amazing experiences I’ve ever had. I cried at least 3 times. I think every Compassion sponsor who has the ability to visit their child 100% needs to do it. In addition to meeting Nuria, I met her mom, her tutor, and another staff member from her Center. I actually was not sponsoring Nuria when I signed up for the trip. My mom and the two of my sisters that I traveled with had sponsored children in El Salvador and I went just to experience Compassion’s work firsthand meet my family’s kids. A few months before the trip I volunteered at a Compassion event and found Nuria’s packet and decided to sponsor her. It was so cool getting to meet her so early on in our relationship. Now, when I write to her, I know her personality, I know her mom, and I know some of the people who she sees every day.


left to right: Nuria’s mom, Nuria, me, Nuria’s tutor, the computer workshop instructor from her center.

For child visit days, Compassion sets the meeting up in a large public place, in El Salvador child visits take place at a waterpark. Especially if you are meeting younger children it is great to be able to play and move around, some sponsors also brought soccer balls or other toys to play with. I brought a volleyball and coloring supplies and after lunch we were able to sit down and color which gave me a chance to talk to her mother and tutor a little bit.



I loved the waterfall but Nuria was more a fan of the slides.

Most people expect that Compassion sponsorship is a blessing to the children who are sponsored but I think that it is just as much of a blessing to the sponsors. God is the one changing lives in El Salvador and it’s crazy awesome that I get to be a part of that, that I get to build a relationship with Nuria and meet the literal superheroes who are following God and transforming their entire country by serving kids. Compassion sponsorship is one of the best decisions anyone can make, it really makes a difference in the lives of children all over the world and in the lives of sponsors. If after reading these posts you are interested in sponsoring yourself, please pray about it and seriously consider it. The website is right here.



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