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6 Goals for the Fall Semester

Exactly one week from today (the day I’m writing this) I’ll be starting what is hopefully the second-to-last school year before I graduate from college. All my rising juniors out there we only have 4 semesters left! We can do this! Classes haven’t started yet and it’s already shaping up to be a busy semester so I’m setting some goals to help me stay focused on what’s actually important to me and I’m posting them here for accountability.

  1. Find a bullet journaling rhythm that works for me I love the idea of bullet journaling but it feels like a lot to take on so this fall I’m going to focus on slowly adding pieces to it until I find something that fits my life.
  2. Get the best grades I can in all my classes This goal is about as far as you can get from a SMART goal but at least it’s honest haha. I’d love to get As in all of my classes and that is definitely what I’m going to work towards. I also know that I’m going to be taking some difficult classes this semester so ultimately I want to walk away knowing that I put in my best effort and got the best grade I’m capable of even if that’s not an A.
  3. Apply for the Compassion Internship Working for Compassion would be an amazing opportunity career-wise and also a dream come true for me because of how passionate I am about their mission. I’ll be eligible for the summer 2019 internship and applications open in November. This fall I’ll be working on developing skills and networking to set myself up to be a top candidate for the internship.
  4. Learn Adobe Premier Pro, Photoshop, and Lightroom In order to take my blog to the next level, and improve my skills for internships and jobs I want to apply for, these are three programs that I would like to learn.
  5. Write to my Compassion Kids every month I love writing to my Compassion kids but it’s not always something that I’m good at doing often so this fall I am going to schedule times to sit down and write to all of them at least once a month.
  6. Blog twice a week Blogging is another thing that I love doing, but often gets pushed aside when I get busy with classes. School is still a higher priority but I want to get into a better rhythm of scheduling posts ahead of time and prewriting content when I’m less busy so when things get hectic my blog isn’t neglected.

What are your goals for this fall? If you are starting your freshman year this semester I have a post just for you! Check out 5 Things to do as a Freshman That Will Set You up for Success!


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