Compassion El Salvador 2018

I’ve been wanting to blog about my trip to El Salvador since before I left but I’ve been feeling a bit like Inigo Montoya in The Princess Bride when he says “let me explain. No, there is too much, let me sum up.” And I’m struggling to sum up in a way that does justice to how amazing the trip was. Everything I have to say won’t fit into one post so I’m going to break it up into posts about each day starting with an overview of Compassion International and the work they are doing in El Salvador specifically.

Compassion International is a child sponsorship organization. They were founded in 1952 by Rev. Everett Swanson to help war orphans in South Korea. Today Compassion partners with local churches in 25 countries to empower children to break the cycle of poverty. Compassion prioritizes holistic development. My favorite part of their ministry is that because they work through the local church, the kids in their program benefit from community and support from adults who care about them and interact with them daily.

Compassion has been working in El Salvador since 1977. They serve over 60,000 children in 272 church-operated child development centers. Individual countries are given a lot of freedom to make decisions that best benefit their kids and in addition to the standard interventions such as education, healthcare, spiritual support and sponsorship Compassion El Salvador provides many unique opportunities for the kids in their program. I’m going to link this PowerPoint about Compassion El Salvador if you want more information but also stay tuned for the next post because I’ll be talking about my trip to the country office!


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