2017 in Photos

2017 was a blast! I graduated high school, started college, went backpacking for the first time and made a ton of amazing friendships. I’m a little behind on getting this post up but I still wanted to share it so here is a month-by-month photo journey through 2017!



January I saw the movie Hidden Figures with my mom, which was probably one of my favorite movies of the year, along with Wonder Woman. The number of movies about women and by women and celebrating women in 2017 was seriously awesome.



In February, among other things, I celebrated galentines day with some of my friends, we got dressed up, treated ourselves to brunch and went shopping downtown.



In March my family visited my oldest sister in Portland, OR. We explored the city for a couple of days and then roadtripped down to see the redwoods in California. You can read my blog post about it here.



In April I went to my senior prom. I actually wasn’t planning on going to prom this year but I ended up deciding to go five days before. Finding a dress and getting everything ready was a bit rushed by my date was really cool and some of the people we went with where actually old friends from the beginning of high school so it ended up being a lot of fun.



In May I graduated from high school which was quite possibly the highlight of my entire year. My high school experience was a huge blessing in many ways but it was also really hard in some ways so I was excited to move on from that stage of my life and start going to college full time. The best part of graduation though, was that my best friend came to visit and actually got to hand me my diploma. She graduated a year before me and it had been a year since I had seen her so that made graduation that much more special.



In June, I went backpacking for the first time. The packs were so heavy, and I was really scared the first night but it was such an incredible experience and I can’t wait to keep backpacking.



I turned 18 in July and filled the month with as many hiking and backpacking trips as I could.



In August, my older sister got married, I don’t have any photos from the actual wedding so this one is a selfie I took before the rehearsal. The wedding was really beautiful and it’s been awesome to gain a brother.



In September I saw Needtobreathe at Red Rocks Amphitheater. Needtobreathe is one of my favorite bands and I understand why Red Rocks is such a popular venue. There really isn’t a bad seat when it comes to acoustics and the rocks are just beautiful.



October began with a retreat with Cru in Estes Park. Estes Park is one of my absolute favorite towns in Colorado and the weekend was an amazing time of making friends, enjoying the mountains, and growing in my relationship with God.



In November, I started going to a new church. The young adults group at the church is amazing, everyone was so welcoming and I’ve made wonderful friendships with the people there.



In December I finished my first semester of full-time college. Finals week almost killed my through lack of sleep but the rest of the month was filled with relaxing, reading, sewing, and celebrating the holidays and ended with a New Years party that my friend and I threw. Everyone dressed up in the style of their favorite 20th century decade and it was a blast.

What were your highlights of 2017? Tell me about them in the comments!


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