Semester Reflection: Fall 2017

Finals ended about a week ago and I decided that now is a good time to share a bit of a reflection and my impressions from the past semester. This is going to be a different from what I usually post but I wanted to share something a bit more personal today.

When I started the semester I was really disappointed about my choice of school. At the end of my Junior year I had pretty much decided to attend John Brown University in Arkansas; I loved the campus and the culture and it had a fantastic business program. By December of 2016, however I looked at the numbers and decided to stay close to home and go to the University of Colorado so that I wouldn’t have to take out student loans to pay for school. I decided to jump in and give it my all at my choice of school and after a semester I can honestly say that I am really really happy with UCCS and I’m excited for the next three years there!

Academically, this was a pretty easy semester. I took community college classes my junior and senior years of high school so I entered this year as a sophomore and just needed to finish a few freshman requirements. I took a literature class that reignited my passion for reading which had faded a bit during high school and I took an administrative writing class which, although it was a bit dry, got me interested in a professional and technical writing minor which I’ll be looking into more in the coming semester.

At the beginning of the semester I connected with some girls from my city who also are at UCCS. We met up out before school started and while out different majors made it difficult to see each other much during the semester we’ve managed to meet up off and on.


I joined an on-campus ministry called Cru (formerly known as Campus Crusade for Christ) and it has become the most wonderful community and really why I have enjoyed my time at UCCS so much. In October I went on a retreat with Cru to Estes Park, where we hung out and worshiped God with Cru groups from other schools and stayed up until the wee hours of the morning swing dancing. It was a fantastic time of community in the mountains.


This semester it really was the people who made all the difference and I am so so thankful for the friendships that I made this semester and I can’t wait to continue at UCCS and see what the future holds. What were your experiences at school this semester? Tell me in the comments!


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