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Fashion Friday: How to Look Cute for Those 8ams (Even when you woke up at 7:40)

Happy Friday!

I always tell myself that I’m not going to sign up for another 8am and then every semester it seems like I end up in one. I live off campus so it can be hard to put any effort in when I have to be up and out the door that early in the morning. I’m usually guilty of just throwing a new tshirt or a hoodie on over the leggings I slept in and calling it good. Just because you’re putting in minimal effort doesn’t mean you can’t look cute or make a statement though. Instead of a shirt that you got from school or a club try a shirt with a cute floral detail like this one or fun sleeves. They are just as comfy and look way more put together.

I also love tshirts that support a cause I care about this one from Everlane donates to Equality Now and is made super ethically. Girl Set Free and My Sister are working to fight human trafficking and make adorable tees like this one and this one.


tee Mercy House Global shoes REI

The tee I’m wearing is from Mercy House Global and I love that it is supporting maternity houses to young mothers in Kenya.


Also I’m ridiculously happy that this shirt matches my chacos so there’s that.

What’s your default 8am outfit? Tell me in the comments!


photography by By Quiet Waters

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