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I did a bit of shopping over Christmas break so today I’m going to share what I got! Everything I got is from a local store and/or a small business so if you live in the front range area you should definitely check out the shops I mention. This is kind of random but when you are shopping, what do you consider as counting as local? I think for food the rule is that if it’s raised/grown within 400 miles of where it’s sold , or if it’s in the same state it’s considered local. I like shopping at my the local businesses in my town and I also really enjoy finding the local shops and restaurants whenever I travel because I’ve found that that is a really good way to get to know a town and its culture and it feels like a treasure hunt when I look for restaurants that are unique to the area I’m visiting.


The first place where I bought stuff was a store called the Rocky Mountain Soap Market. Oh my goodness this place is so fun. They have tons of freshly made bath bombs and bar soaps and bath salts and such things. I got the Lavender Charcoal soap and three bath bombs. The one pictures is the scent cool fresh aloe and the other two which I have already used were winter wonderland and oatmeal milk + honey. The winter wonderland was a really fun scent and turned my bath bright blue but the glitter in it got EVERYWHERE and it was super hard to wash off which I wasn’t a fan of. The oatmeal milk + honey scent wasn’t as strong but it was super relaxing. They have two locations in Downtown Colorado Springs and the Shops at Belmar in Lakewood and the also have an online store. I really want to try their Colorful Colorado soap!


These super cute boot cuffs are from a boutique called Halo. They had tons of cute accessories and I was absolutely obsessed with their Christmas tops. They had one that was a flowy tunic with a reindeer head outlined in sequins, I kind of wish I’d gotten it but I always feel kind of hesitant about getting stuff like that, how many Christmas sweaters and tops do I really need and am really going to wear 30 times? They also had some super cute beanies that I think literally every other girl in my town has except for me so I might need to pick one up and join the club.


After looking online I realized that this Savory Spice isn’t really local but it was super cute and smelled AMAZING. I bought some garam masala for an indian inspired recipe I really like making and a kit to make another indian inspired recipe that I remembered from when I volunteered at a living history site near my home.


I was unsuccessful this year at finding some of my favorite holiday teas from Celestial Seasonings so I went ahead and ordered them and took the opportunity to stock up on some of my other favorites. It isn’t pictured but I really love their english breakfast tea from the estate line. It’s not the very best english breakfast I’ve ever had but its certified fair trade and organic and the fact that it’s in a tea bag is really convenient for early mornings before class. I also love the fast lane tea. It’s super caffienated and really yummy so I drink it before my really early (meaning 8am, I’m not a morning person) classes so I don’t fall asleep while driving to class. The Celestial Seasonings factory is in Boulder, CO and if you ever visit Colorado it is a super fun experience to tour the factory I posted about it in my post Colorado Travel Guide: The Celestial Seasonings Tea Factory.


I’m about to run out of my *simply shea facial emollient which I use as a moisturizer at night so I ordered more from *MadeOn and I also got a tinted lip balm in the color *Crimson Rose. It’s such a nice shade for every day. It doesn’t look like I’m wearing a lip color it just makes my lips look more vibrant and its really moisturizing so I reapply throughout the day.


I’m not sure that these really count as local but both of these companies are based in Colorado so I say they count. These are two of my go-to snacks during the semester. On a really busy day I can eat a just larabar for lunch and be fine until dinner time and the Almond butter packets are really nice with an apple if I slice it beforehand and just squeeze the nut butter onto the slices. I also eat both of these while hiking. I even eat the nut butter plain and it a super convenient and light weight option for longer day hikes when I want food that will carry me for a long time but won’t take a lot of space in my pack and be heavy. These are the kind of snacks I would take when climbing a fourteener.

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Unless I let you know otherwise, my posts aren’t sponsored by any of the companies whose products I mention. I won’t accept sponsorships from companies whose products I don’t use all the time and think are really great. However, links marked with an * are affiliate links. Should you click on the links and make a purchase, at no extra cost to you, I’ll go add to my growing stash of tea, or yarn, or pay the fines on that library book that I couldn’t put down for a month.


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