Goals for 2017

Happy New Year!

Blimey Cow’s Messy Mondays video for today basically asked what all the fuss is about over the new year and why we think that we’ll have any more motivation at the beginning of January to accomplish our goals than we do any other time of the year. There really isn’t any difference except that the beginning of a year provides and opportunity to look at what did and didn’t work in the past twelve months and consider what changes we want to make. And it provides a good starting off point, though  if you’re reading this in May, there’s no time like the present to make changes that will be beneficial to your life.

I thought about what my life and habits looked like in a few different categories and what I wanted them to look like next December. I have some big changes coming my way and I want to live with purpose and follow God’s leading and direction for my life and become stronger this year, in my relationship with God, in my relationships with my family and friends, in my personal character, and also physically. Considering this, I thought of some goals for 2017 and broke them down into the habits that I will need to cultivate in my life so that I don’t just have lofty resolutions that I can’t practically apply to life changes. Hopefully putting them on the internet will help give me the accountability I need to really work on accomplishing them this year. If you’re reading this, consider it permission to check up on me any time this year and ask how I’m accomplishing my goals. My categories were very nice and alliterative until I got to the last two but oh well, here they are:


I’m sad, and rather embarrassed to admit that with my school and work schedule, and the fact that I drive myself almost everywhere, I don’t spend a lot of time with my sisters and even less carrying on a conversation with them. This year I want to work on really getting to know them. I give my younger sisters rides fairly often and all of my sisters have phones so distance isn’t an excuse not to talk to them. My official goal is to have a meaningful conversation with each of my sisters weekly.


My goals for my relationship with God are: Read my Bible at least four times a week and memorize a passage of scripture   and   Listen to my audio Bible on my way to school or work.

This goal requires some planning and figuring out a time to do my studying. I don’t get home from school at a consistent time and sometimes have to rush to work or other things, I’m occasionally up late doing homework or working late The best time of day for my to study my Bible is in the morning so accomplishing this goal will also take discipline because the last thing I want to do in the morning is get up 30 minutes earlier but my relationship with God is so much more important than anything else in my life and I want and need to start treating it like it is. I’ve decided to memorize Romans 8 this year so this week I’m going to get a system of flash cards and copy work set up for me to work on that. When it comes to my audio Bible, whenever I leave my house to go somewhere I’m going to listen to my audio Bible and try to finish the whole thing this year. Right now I’m in Nehemiah but I’ve been listening since the beginning of the school year.


Save enough for college (approx. $12,000 (in state)) and, if possible, a car (approx. $10,000)

I’m about to head off to college, and college is expensive even if I choose the school that is in town and thus avoid out-of-state tuition and room and board costs.I’m going to put each paycheck from one of my jobs straight into savings and fill out as many scholarship applications as I can to save up for it because I’ve made a commitment to myself not to go into debt for my education.


Train for backpacking and complete two thru hikes during the summer.

Hike two fourteeners

I have two long-term goals that are back packing the Continental Divide before I graduate from College (I haven’t entirely figured out how that one is going to work since it can take six months to do which will require me to take at least a semester off school.), and hiking all of the fourteeners in Colorado, of which there are 53, I hiked my first one last summer, you can read about it in Hiking Pikes Peak: My First Fourteener!. These two goals are smaller goals to help me accomplish my bigger ones. To train for these goals I’m going to swim for at least 30 minutes twice a week and lift weights once a week and keep researching and collecting and practicing the best gear and activities for backpacking. If you have any experience with backpacking and are will to share your tips I would love to hear from you!

and now my alliteration fails


Post a min. of twice a week on my blog

Do at least one collaborative post with another blogger.

Post a thoughtful comment at least once a week on a blog post and three times a week on Instagram

Start YouTube

I want to continue growing my blog and getting to know other bloggers. I also want to try something new with starting a YouTube channel. I’m going to work on managing my time (more on that in the next category) so that I can post consistently and put a little bit of focus on my blog rather than having it be an afterthought once I finish everything else. Other things will still be a higher priority but I really enjoy blogging and want it to succeed.



Obviously, more specifically, I would like to finish my last semester of highschool with all As and Bs so that I have my best chance at getting scholarships and overall can feel good about finishing highschool strong. To help me accomplish this I’m going to finish my homework before the weekend each week so that I don’t end up procrastinating and doing things at the last-minute which always ends up with me turning in work that is less than my best. I’ll really need to manage my time so I’ve set up two handy-dandy little tools to help me with my biggest distractions. I keep my phone charger in a separate room from where I usually do my homework so when I sit down to work on assignments, my phone is going to be charging in another room and I’ve installed the Forest app on my computer and blacklisted all of the sites that I waste the most time on, when I log on to do homework, I’m going to start Forest and keep it running until I’ve finished working. Forest is a really awesome tool that I found recently, this post is not sponsored by them I just have found it to be really useful and highly reccommend it. The link to the website is here there is also an app that you can find in the app store and I think on andriod phones as well.

What are your goals for 2017? And what are you going to do to accomplish them? Tell me in the comments!


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