I’m Back! What I’ve been up to:


I hope you all had a blessed Christmas with your loved ones. I spent a quiet morning with my family before I spent the afternoon at work.

If you follow me on Instagram you know a little of what I’ve been up to lately (shameless self-promo, my Instagram handle is @amaizylifeblog) but if you haven’t, here are a few life updates since my last post.

I started a job, Great Wolf Lodge just opened their 14th location in my town and I’ve started lifeguarding again. I’m still working at the tailor shop and this additional job is going to help me put money away for college which is right around the corner.

Speaking of college, I finished my first semester of senior year strong, registered for all of my spring classes and submitted my last college application. I’m down to deciding between the top two schools on my list.

I’ve gotten back into knitting and sewing! I’ve finished a couple of projects, including a quilt that has been a couple of years in the works for my neice. Actually, that one isn’t finished, I need to put the binding on but it was close enough to being finished that I was able to give it to her for christmas. I’m planning a couple of other projects and my boss’s favorite fabric store is having a huge yearly sale on Monday so I’m going to have some fun and will definitely be posting about what I’m sewing.

On a trip to admire the Christmas lights downtown I discovered some of the cutest little local shops and a coffee shop with amazing tea lattes and white espresso if you haven’t tried it, you need to. Stay tuned for a small haul post about some of the things I got and keep an eye out for a review post on my mom’s blog, By Quiet Waters, for a review of the coffee shop.

My cousin is in town right now and we’ve had a lot of fun exploring the city, hiking and just chilling. I took her up one of my favorite trails on Wednesday and it was rather treacherous at times but it felt so good to be hiking again.

What have you been up to? I hope you had a merry Christmas and enjoy a great New Years!

I’m working on a plan to start blogging more consistently in the coming semester and will possibly be starting something new!



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