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2 DIY Halloween Costumes

Halloween is coming up and if you are like me and often find yourself completely lost as to what your costume should be, this post should help!

I will be wearing both of these costumes for different halloween events this month. One of them is made of clothes that you can probably find in your closet and the other is a super easy DIY project that you could make in the course of an afternoon.

The first costume is a Captain America costume!

For the DIY you will need:


  • A navy blue long sleeve tshirt and pair of leggings
  • Red, White and Blue paint
  • Foam paint brushes
  • Cardboard, you will need a piece that will fit inside your shirt to keep the paint from soaking through and a piece cut into the shape of a circle for the shield.
  • Duck tape and masking tape
  • Newspaper to protect the surface you will be working on
  • Exceptional freehanding skills or a star shaped stencil (I just printed a star shape I liked from google images.)

I decided to do this tutorial as a video on YouTube instead of using photos. I felt super awkward recording the narration and I need to figure out how to fill the whole video with narration so you aren’t sitting there listening to me breathe lol. Tell me what you think, I had fun doing this so I start doing it more often!


The shirt is here.


The shield is here.


The second costume is of Clara Oswald from Doctor Who! The costume is not from a particular episode but it is inspired by the look that Clara usually wears.


I paired an ivory blouse with a peter pan collar with a black pencil skirt, black tights, and black ballet flats. You can add a red fez, a sonic screwdriver, or some black sunglasses that can be the Doctor’s sonic glasses.




I liked the sonic glasses but I hope the Doctor gets his screwdriver back in the next season.


What in the name of sanity have I got on my head?



Looks like the chameleon circuit is working again.

I hoped these ideas gave you some inspiration. If you use one of these ideas, or get inspiration from them, tag me on Instagram @amaizylifeblog so I can see!


Unless I let you know otherwise, my posts aren’t sponsored by any of the companies whose products I mention. I won’t accept sponsorships from companies whose products I don’t use all the time and think are really great. However, links marked with an * are affiliate links. Should you click on the links and make a purchase, at no extra cost to you, I’ll go add to my growing stash of tea, or pay the fines on that library book that I couldn’t put down for a month.





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