Refashion Bootcut into Skinny

I’m more of a fan of skinny jeans and pants than bootcut so recently I decided alter a pair of my khaki uniform pants so that they would have more of a skinny fit. Today I’m sharing with you how to change the cut of a pair of your pants.

For this refashion you will need:

A pair of pants you want to alter (obviously)

A sewing machine

The right needle for your fabric (jeans will need a bigger needle, khakis or something thinner will need a smaller one.)

A seam ripper

Thread to match the thread on your pants (This is especially important if your pants have topstitching.)

  1. Start by taking out the hem of your pants about an inch on either side of each seam and the topstitching up to just a little higher than wherever you want to start taking in your pants. topstitch.JPG

Turn your pants right side out and pin where you want to take in each of the legs of the pants. CAREFULLY take off the pants and measure how far each of the pins are from the seams. Once you have an idea of where you should put your stitches, turn the pants back inside out and repin them according to the measurements you took.


This shows one of my first trials using a pair of skinny jeans I already own…It didn’t work out and I ended up using the method I’m outlining here.

3. Sew, try the pants on, rip out stitches and resew as needed.


4.Once you’re satisfied with how your pants fit, it’s time to finish them. If you have a serger, serge off the excess seam allowance you now have. If you’re like me and you don’t have a serger, trim the seam allowance off with a pair of scissors and keep the edges from fraying with a zig zag stitch right at the edge of the fabric. Refold your hem and stitch it back down. I was too lazy to do this part but if your pants had topstitching, iron your new seams and then follow your old top stitching down through the new seam.

5. Rock your new skinny jeans/khakis/whatever!

I wore these pants in Friday’s blog post. Here are a few pics from that post



Refashioning is a great way to practice slow fashion. Instead of buying new, or even thrift try to find a way to make do with what you do have.

Have you been working on any DIY 0r refashioning projects lately? Tell me in the comments!


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