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My Autumn Essentials

Happy Labor Day!

I hope you all had/are having a great day with your family and friends! To celebrate the unofficial first day of fall I’m sharing my fall essentials. Before I start, I have to give credit to Katie Leigh on YouTube (she also has a blog which I will link here) I was wracking my brain last night for a blog post that I could have up today and then I got an email notification that Katie just uploaded her fall essentials. So on that note, you can go see Katie’s essentials through the link up above and read on to find out mine.

  1. Fall candles

This is something I just got into last year but I love them so much. I’m not allowed to actually burn candles in my bedroom so I use this thing called a *candle warmer. It basically just melts the candle so that you get the scent without the flame. Some of my favorite fall candles are Pumpkin Apple from BBWAutumn from BBWCranberry Woods from BBWMandarin Cranberry from Yankee Candle, and Macintosh from Yankee Candle.

2. Long Sleeve Tshirts

This might be weird but I’ve been loving the look of a long sleeved tshirt with either shorts and my tevas or skinny jeans and my converse, depending on the weather. It’s just super cozy and effortless while still looking cute. I really love the long sleeve tshirts from Ivory Ella and I want this one from Trevor James.

3. Camis Layered with Cardigans

This is a super cute layered look but its still cool enough for the warmer autumn days.

4. Darker Lip Colors

Nothing too crazy but I love wearing berries and darker reds during the fall time. I love the Fresh Sugar Lip Balm in Berry. I also bought the Rimmel The Only One lipstick in *Under My Spell but I wore it once and it was really pigmented which made it look darker than I expected so I’m going to have to play around with it to get it to not look crazy.

5. A Trip to the Mountains (or two or three!)

The Rocky Mountains are always stunningly beautiful but during the fall the color change is really spectatular. Autumn is also a great time for hiking because its not freezing yet but it has cooled off from the summer time. There is a great state park just about an hour away from me that has the most beautiful aspen forest that turns to pure gold in the fall so I try to sneak as many hikes in up there as I can before the view fades.

6. Pumpkin Donuts

During those trips to the mountains I drive past the cutes donut shop called the Donut Mill. The donuts are tasty all of the time but in the fall they have a pumpkin donut with cinnamon and nutmeg and be still my heart it is amazing. I might occasionally get one of my way there and on my way back, don’t judge.

What are your fall essentials? Tell me in the comments!


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