3 Things I Always Take With Me

Today I’m sharing a few things that I try to never leave the house without. They are the kind of things that I don’t automatically think to keep in my purse, but when I don’t have them I wish I did.


First, though, lets talk about this backpack. My friend gave it to me for my birthday and I’m a little obsessed. Now lets get into the list.

One: A healthy and tasty snack


On busy days I often end up rushing out the door without eating breakfast or finding myself without enough time between classes to get some lunch. On those days, a good snack is a lifesaver. I love these lemon Larabars and I’m excited to try this maple almond butter from Justin’s, I think it would be great with and apple.

Two: My water bottle


I am literally only parted from my water bottle when I have to put it in the dishwasher. I start feeling really crummy when I don’t drink enough water so I drink a lot. I love to add some fresh berries, or cucumbers to liven up the taste, but I’m a little bit spoiled because all of my water comes from the Rocky Mountains so it tastes amazing all on its own.

Three: A book, or my phone with a book downloaded


Reading is important to me but I find that I am just as vulnerable to getting sucked into social media or games on my phone so I keep like to keep a book on hand at all times so that when I find myself with a few spare minutes I can read instead of scrolling through Instagram. Right now I’m reading Emma by Jane Austen and Mansfield Park, also by Jane Austen on my kindle app on my phone.

What are your unusual essentials? Tell me in the comments!


Unless I let you know otherwise, my posts aren’t sponsored by any of the companies whose products I mention. I won’t accept sponsorships from companies whose products I don’t use all the time and think are really great. However, links marked with an * are affiliate links. Should you click on the links and make a purchase, at no extra cost to you, I’ll go add to my growing stash of tea, or pay the fines on that library book that I couldn’t put down for a month.

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