Fashion Friday: Oufit Ideas for Camp

As you read this, I am at camp. This will be my first time going to camp so I’m really excited. Is it just me or did you always think that going to camp would be just like the movie The Parent Trap? In honor of my first week at camp, I’m sharing two outfit ideas, for two diffrent settings that you might find yourself in at camp.

#1 Breakfast in the Mess Hall


This outfit feels like you’re wearing pajamas, without looking like you’re wearing pajamas;). The shorts are loose and comfy and the long sleeve tshirt will keep you warm if mornings are cold at camp.




shorts Old Navy, sandals Teva

Evenings around the camp fire


The camp I’m going to is in the mountains so even if the days are hot, the nights can get really cold. These leggings are pretty thick and the flannel can be worn around your waist or over the tshirt to keep warm.








flannel amazon, Doctor Who shirt sold out similar, leggings sold out similar, sandals Teva


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