My Pool Workout Routine

Happy Birthday to me! I’m seventeen years old today!

Last week I shared My Workout Routine and today I’m sharing my workout for when I’m in the pool. I think swimming is one of the best ways to exercise. Its gentle on your body so that you aren’t likely to injure yourself (unless you hit your hand or foot on a lane line, that’s worse than stepping on a lego) and it combines, cardio and strength training into one. I highly reccomend working out with a good competitive suit, a swim cap, and good goggles but you can start with whatever suit you have and any pair of goggles.

Warm up:

300 yards of a combination of freestyle, breastroke, and backstroke.


Use a kickboard and do once without fins and repeat with fins.

100 yds freestyle kick

100 yds breastroke kick

50 yds breastroke kick on your back

50 yds of butterfly kick without a kickboard


use a pull buoy and do once without paddles and repeat with paddles

150 yds freestyle pull

100 yds breastroke pull

100 yds backstroke pull

Swim your choice of 300 yds

Cool down:

200 yds of a combination of elementary backstroke, breastroke, and backstroke.

Do you like to swim? What is your pool workout?


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