My Workout Routine

Today I’m sharing my workout routine! I don’t do very intense workouts but I like to make sure that I’m working and getting stronger. I do these workouts less during the summer because I usually go hiking a few times a week and if I’m running around playing games with kids at VBS I don’t usually worry about going to the gym. So now, here’s my workout routine.

Start with a 5 minute power walk on the treadmill to warm up.

Bicep curls

Tricep curls

Bench press (rarely)


Leg lifts

Calf raises

Sit ups (I really like doing them on a decline bench)


Medicine ball sit ups


Go back to the treadmill. Do a 3 minute warm up, then run 1 minute, walk 1 minute and repeat 7 times. Do a 3 minute cool down.

What is your workout routine? Next week I’ll be sharing my pool workout.


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