Fashion Friday: Upcycle Your Pants into Shorts


In a moment of extraordinary clumsiness and inattentiveness, I tripped and ripped a hole in one knee of my khaki pants. Instead of throwing away an otherwise perfectly good pair of pants, I decided to turn them into shorts.

I started with another similar pair of shorts to what I wanted.


If you want the shorts you are making to be the same length as the ones you already have, add about an inch and draw a line where you want to cut. I wanted mine to be a little shorter so I cut along the line of the shorts.


Carefully cut along the line that you made, making sure that the waistline of your pants is lined up and there are no odd folds to make your shorts uneven. Fold the shorts in half so one leg is on top of the other to make sure that the two legs are even.

Turn the shorts inside out and, using an iron, fold first 1/4 inch up, and then 1/2 inch (or shorter/longer depending on how you want your hem to look). Press the folds, pin, and sew, making sure that if you have a strechy fabric that you keep it taught but not streched so that you don’t get any puckers in the hem.

Trim all of your threads, turn your shorts right side out, and enjoy! If the cutting/hemming/sewing streched the legs out, toss them into the dryer with a wet load of laundry to shrink them a bit.


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