Fashion Friday: Pineapple Love

Happy Friday!

I have had a slight (its bigger on the inside, comment if you got that XD) obsession with pineapple clothing ever since Amy Pond wore one in the Doctor Who episode, A Town Called Mercy. So of course this navy blue pineapple crop top was an instant love. Not to mention that that color combination is to die for. Navy and Teal? So cute! I paired it with this white maxi skirt. The skirt is a little bit high waisted but on my five feet one inches it is very high waisted. It worked out well however because even though I think crop tops can be really cute, I’m not a fan of walking around with my midriff showing. I think this outfit is super cute and fun for the summer.






Top, Sold out Skirt Sold out/similar  *sandals


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All photos taken by my awesome mom, Michelle at By Quiet Waters.


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    This comment is bigger on the inside than it looks. 🙂

    Nice blog “Maizy”. I love your modest approach to everything.
    God bless you!

    June 18, 2016 at 3:53 pm
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