DIY Repainting a Dresser


Happy Memorial Day! 

My dresser was a pretty ugly color. I think it used to be cream but it turned into a kind of yellow color. Besides the color, the dresser was still in pretty good condition and looked nice so I decided to repaint it.




Sand paper

A small block of wood

One gallon of white latex paint

A screw driver

A sponge roller

A small paint brush

Blue spray paint (optional, I used this to paint the hardware on the dresser but you can also use the hardware as is or buy new ones.)


  1. Cut the sand paper to fit your sanding block and sand down the whole dresser. The goal is not to take all of the paint off but to create a rough surface so that the new paint will stick. Really focus on any shiny surfaces. Make sure you don’t forget to also sand the drawers and really get into any tight spots on the dresser or the paint won’t stick.dresserrepaint4
  2. Take the hardware off. dresserrepaint3
  3. Using your brush, paint any small surfaces and spaces that your roller can’t reach, then, paint all of the large spaces with the roller.
  4. Cover the dresser with several thin coats of paint rather than a few thick ones. Let the paint dry and then replace the hardware on the drawers, put the drawers back in the dresser and you’re done!
  5. I spray painted my hardware blue, I’m not including a tutorial on how exactly I painted them because it was a lot of trial and error and they aren’t perfect. My only tip if you want to paint your hardware is make sure that you hold the can pretty far away. If you hold it too close when you are spraying the paint will run and be uneven.


Have a great day!


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