Redeeming Consumerism

Redeeming Consumerism: The Refugee Project


I am back with the second post of my redeeming consumerism series.The Refugee Project is a Houston based organization that equips, empowers, and employs refugee women in the Houston area. They teach useful skills to the women they serve and employ them in making knitted and crocheted products that they sell on their online store. %100 of the proceeds from the store go to sustaining the refugee women and providing them with a fair wage. I highly reccomend that you visit their website and read some of the stories of the women that they serve, as well as checking out their social media to see what they are currently up to!

I own these tan boot cuffs and my mom owns These earrings. The earrings are currently sold out but will hopefully be in stock again soon. I styled them for you so you can get an idea of how you can wear some of the pieces from this company.




I have also been eyeing this clutch, I think it would be a fantastic sunglasses case as well as this bracelet, and these fingerless gloves.

These are accessories that you can feel great about purchasing because you know that they are helping women in need to support themselves and their children and are not produced by slaves or people in low-paying, hazardous conditions.

Consumerism does not have to be a negative thing. There is wisodm in moderation but consumers can also have a very powerful voice when we choose to vote with our dollars for things that are meaningful and make the world a better place isntead of fueling mindless buying, and the exploitation of the vulnerable.

Have a great day!


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