Fair Trade Friday Earring of the Month: March 2016


My next pair of Fair Trade Friday earrings came!

In case you missed my last post, Fair Trade Friday is a monthly subscription program run by Mercy Maternity House. They have an earring of the month, a bracelet of the month, and a fair trade box containing several fair trade items. Mercy House is a maternity home for unwed mothers. Many of these women have become pregant as a result of horrible situations and have no safe place to live. Mercy House provides them with a safe and loving environment as well as prenatal care. This month’s earrings are from Village Artisan in India. The women who made these earrings are mentioned in this blog post And So We Weep. Village Artisan’s website is here. The earrings are so pretty. They are very subtle and delicate. I’ve been wearing them almost every day since they arrived.




The Fair Trade Friday website is here fair trade friday.

Have a great day!



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