Fashion Friday: One More Winter Outfit



I had a spring post all ready for today…and then it snowed on Wednesday night. So I have one more winter outfit post today and then it will be all spring from here:). The struggle is that March-May in Colorado is so unpredictable. I could be wearing flip flops and shorts one day and hauling out my winter coat the next.


I love wearing leggings, but I’m not a fan of showing my booty off that much, so I tend to wear longer sweaters and shirts over my cute leggings. If you share my philosophy, you will love this video by Jen Hatmaker, if you don’t share my philosophy, still watch it and I hope you get a kick out of it, Jen’s a funny lady.


It’s not pictured, but another thing I’ve been loving lately is bronzer. I’ve got really fair skin, and sometimes I love it, but some days I need something to bring a little life and color to my face. In the winter I go for blush, but in the summer, I start reaching for bronzer, so that I can at least pretend I have a tan. The Physicians Formula Butter Bronzer has been really nice right now because it is really natural and not crazy pigmented so its easy to get a nice, natural application.

What have you been loving recently?

Have a great day!




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