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I go to a school with a uniform. Its pretty relaxed and we have a lot of freedom on the colors and accessories we can wear, but its still difficult at times to come up with outfits that look good and fit my personal style and are still within the uniform. I have, however come up with a few tricks to make my school outfits cute. I also asked a few of the girls in my classes what their tricks were to share with you so hopefully you can find someone with a similar style to draw from. These tips can be easier or harder depending on how strict your dress code is but I hope you can still find a way to use them:).

tip #1 Choose Colors and Cuts to Flatter


Make sure that your clothes fit well and are colors and styles that complement you body type and coloring. This will do so much to help make your uniform outfits look stylish. For example: I look good in blues and greens, and red is not a flattering color on me at all so I usually go for colors with a blue undertone instead of a red one. I am also really short and it can be hard to find pants that fit me well. I usually have success at Penney’s and Aeropostale

tip #2 Accessorize

Put a cute scarf or necklace over your shirt and it adds instant chic. Infinity scarves are really easy to wear but I like the regular ones because there are so many cute ways to tie them!




tip #3 Have Fun with Your Hair and Makeup

If you are just having no luck with your outfits, put all of the attention on your hair or makeup. Find some cool new hairstyles on Pinterest, or wear and bright lipstick.

I asked some girls at my school how they would describe their style overall and how they try to make their uniform outfits reflect that.


How would you describe your style? I have so many ways I’d describe my style it kinda varies from day to day. I’d say it’s kinda comfortable for sure, but almost bohemian at times. The long skirts, and frilly shirts.

How do you fit your style into your school uniform? Scarfs saved my life and also wearing black pants cause really anything looks good with black pants.


How would you describe your style? I like to base my overall style around the 90s’. I love the originality of the style from that era, and so my overall wardrobe is really inspired by that. Other than that main inspiration, I dress however I feel that day.

How do you fit your style into your school uniform? I usually wear black, navy blue, or white polos. Because I wasn’t a fan of the polos school provided, I went out and found white flowy-type shirts with a collar that worked perfect for school and were much more versatile and fit my style a lot better.With these white blouses that I found, I often wear them under solid colored sweaters that I find at thrift shops. To that, I usually wear my go to shoes, which are my white converse, and sometimes I like to add jewelry to enhance the polo neckline and show it off in a way, rather than hiding it. I think in the end it’s all about knowing what you like, what looks good, and playing around with the uniform and your personal style so it can all merge smoothly together in the end


How would you describe your style? I would say my personal style is simple, comfy, and occasionally classy.

How do you fit your style into your school uniform? Because my school’s uniform policy is very particular, I struggle with finding outfits that I am comfortable wearing. But most days, I wear basic pants with either a sweatshirt or buttoned up top. Days where I am feeling more dressy, I will wear a scarf with my buttoned up top. Being able to wear simple accessories helps me stay within the dress code while also expressing myself.


How do you fit your style into your school uniform? Hmm I love to wear sweaters with scarves, or Polo shirts with scarves or a shawl type thing. I also cheat and wear yoga pants (not leggings) lol and shoes make a big difference. I mostly stick with flats.

Sarah Grace:

How do you fit your style into your school uniform? Hmmm I like to wear scarves and peculiar earrings. Sometimes I wear flower crowns or wear thin strips of fabric braided through my hair. I aso like to wear bracelets. I often will wear a button up shirt over a T shirt with a scarf as well (technically I’m in uniform since it’s a collared shirt)


How would you describe your style? I believe that my personal style is modern but still conservative with solid colors. I don’t really have a specific style, just what I think would look good together or match.

How do you fit your style into your school uniform? I try to definitely go with solid colors or things with collars when picking out a school outfit. It’s hard to pick out something that is boarder line “out of dress code” so I think I try to experiment with a new garment for a couple of school days, and if something isn’t mentioned about it, then I continue to wear it!


How would you describe your style? My personal style is preppy, classy, and occasionally hippie inclined.

How do you fit your style into your school uniform? I find that there are several ways to work with my style within the dress code. Mostly involving layering with a pop of color under my uniform shirt and/or wearing scarves. Shoes and fun hairstyles are also ways I help my outfit out


How do you fit your style into your school uniform? One thing I do is wear a lot of fun bracelets that made mt outdo less boring. Also another cool thing getting solid colored leggings to wear under skirts!


How do you fit your style into your school uniform? Well first off I always like to throw in a nice scarf that will show a little bit of color. I also like to not button up my Oxfords and wear a t-shirt underneath… ( in all honesty im never really in uniform but when I am, that’s what I typically do😛)

I hope this gave you inpsiration to make your school outfits a little less boring!

Photo creds go to my mom at By Quiet Waters

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