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Fashion Friday: Cat Sweaters and Boot Cuffs


Hello everyone!

I have another fashion friday post for y’all. Another sweater with skinny jeans, so creative, I know. I promise I’ll have something totally different next time.


This sweater is one of my favorite pieces in my closet. After all, every crazy cat lady needs a cute cat sweater. I got it from my sister, another crazy cat lady. Sisters’ closets are the best places to shop am I right?


My boot cuffs are from the Refugee Project located in Houston, TX. The Refugee Project is an organization that helps to provide jobs, education, and support for women and families who have been relocated by the United Nations. I really love the work that they do and they have some adorable stuff in their online store. You should go check it out here. Their website is here.

Now for some more pictures.





Sunglasses: Loft

Sweater: My sister but before that Forever 21

Jeans: Aeropostale

Boots: Wet Seal

Boot Cuffs: The Refugee Project

Photo creds go to my mom at by quiet waters.

Have a great day!


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