Gift idea: Valentine’s Day


Hello everyone!

Today I have a simple and tasty gift idea for you if you are getting down to the wire and don’t know what to get for your valentine, or you want to treat yourself this Valentines Day. Chocolove is one of my current favorite chocolate brands. I think the name is perfect for Valentine’s day and it comes with a love poem on the inside of the wrapper! How cute is that! You should be able to find them at any grocery store but the best selection I have found is at Whole Foods. My favorite thing about this brand, though is that the company claims to produce their chocolate in an ethical and environmentally friendly way. This is really important to me because chocolate is one of the biggest industries for using forced, and debt-labor and environmentally damaging production and farming methods. They have a huge variety of flavors. coffeechocolate

You could get a this bar for your coffee-addicted loved one.


A sweet little munchkin wanted to get in on the fun while I was taking pictures and helped me out with her “cell phone” camera. 🙂


I bought a bar of this toffee chocolate for myself because I love Toblerone, but they aren’t fair-trade as far as I know. It is not the same but a yummy substitute.


You can wrap the bar up in a little bag and include a card with a sweet note. I got this bag in my Fair Trade Friday Earring of the Month box but you can use any cute gift bag.

I hope you enjoy this weekend with your loved ones!

Have a great day!




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