Colorado Travel Guide: Estes Park pt. 2

Hello everyone!

Today I have my second post about Estes Park. I will be telling you about the shops that did not involve food.

Macdonald Bookstore


I can’t resist a good bookstore, and this is the best one I have ever visited. It smells like old books and it has comfy chairs that you can curl up in to read by their wood fire. I always find something different when I visit but they usually have the most beautifully illustrated children’s classics and the last time I went they had leather bound Austens, and beautiful collections of Shakespeare’s and Conan Doyle’s complete works.

Mountain Blown Glass

This shop has really beautiful glass pieces and the artists do free demonstrations throughout the day. The piece that is being made in the pictures is the same color and design as the finished bowls in the pictures.

Weaver’s Attic


At the Weaver’s Attic is a weaving store, a loom/spinning museum, and a place for a community of weavers to work on projects together. We met one of the weavers while we were there who told us the history of their three looms and some of the projects that were in process.


This was the first loom, they were just tying on a new project.


This was the second loom, and the one with the capability for the most variety of patterns. They were weaving a rug out of old saris, or Indian dresses. Isn’t it beautiful?


This was the last loom. They had several projects on the same weft the one pictured was almost done and they had enough weft for one more rug.

The Weaver’s Attic was in the Old Church Shops. An old church had been repurposed into a mall of sorts. There was a coffee shop that looked really cool but I didn’t have a chance as well as some other shops.

Tregent Park


The last place I want to share with you is the riverside walk ending with Tregent Park. There is a river that runs behind the shops of one side of the town and then crosses over to Tregent Park on the other side. Its a really beautiful place to walk and because we visited right after Christmas all of the lights were still up and the park was enchanting at night.




That’s all, I hope you visit Estes Park sometime.

Have a great day!



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