Battle of the Makeup wipes: Neutrogena vs. Elf



Today I have a review of two cheap makeup remover wipes. I have seen both Neutrogena and Elf’s makeup wipes highly recommended so I wanted to try them out for myself and see which one was better.



The Elf makeup remover wipes are $3 on the website and come with 20 wipes. I have to say that the packaging on this one is a major bonus. The lid that snaps shut is really effective at not letting the wipes dry out.  The wipes started out a little drier than I would prefer but they still took my makeup off effectively and they didn’t dry out my skin too much. You can find the Elf wipes here.



The Neutrogena wipes are $4.99 at Target and come with 25 wipes. I don’t like the packaging on these wipes, the sticky flap that keeps the package closed loses its stickiness rather quickly and the wipes start drying out. The Neutrogena wipes were nicely moist when I opened them. They took my makeup off pretty well but they left my face feeling a little dry and like some of the makeup remover was still on it. I usually cleansed and moisturized my face after using them, though, so it didn’t make much of a difference. You can find these wipes here at Target.

Overall, I liked the Elf wipes better, and for the price, you really can’t beat them.  Both, however were helpful for removing my makeup before going in to really cleanse my face. What is your favorit makeup remover?

Have a great day!


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