Announcement: Swagbucks Team Challenge

Hello everyone!

I’m just popping in to share an earning opportunity on Swagbucks.com. From time to time Swagbucks has team challenges which reward Swagbucks users for doing different activities and earning points for their team. Starting today they have an extra 50 swagbucks by redeeming your swagbucks for a gift card.

To start open your Swagbucks account, or if you don’t have one, start an account through my referral link and we both earn here.

Next, go to your homepage and click on the team challenge button.

swagbucks home

Click on the Join Now button and join a team.

I'm on the Survettes team! Yay!

I’m on the Survettes team! Yay!

Next, download the swagbucks video app onto your phone and sign in with your account.

Between now and noon on the 4th of September, whenever your busy, at school, at work, or just don’t want to have your face in your phone, run swagbucks videos on your phone (you don’t need to control anything it will start the next video automatically). When you run 10 video cycles you will have earned 200 points for your team.

Your team challenge swagbucks will credit later on the fourth. Keep earning swagbucks and accumulate at least 500 (it’s easier than you think if you keep running your video app). Redeem those swagbucks for a gift card by th 14th of October and you will earn a 50 Swagbuck Swagup to make a total of at least 60 Swagbucks and up to 75 Swagbucks.

Have a great day!

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